Biomedical Engineering Projects | BioMed Mondays 011

Author: Hamza Waheed


Personal projects are important for engineering majors.  They can give you a tremendous boost on your resume and give you experience in an industry.  Most importantly, personal projects show that you have ambition, curiosity, and an ability to learn.  Some people believe that large amounts of cash and a revolutionary idea are needed in order to get started.  This is far from reality.  You do not need massive amounts of money and a groundbreaking idea in order to get started.  You can get started for free.  Here are three ways BME majors can get started on personal projects.

  1. Hardware: You can use various hardware, such as raspberry pi and arduino to create some type of device for the medical industry.  Anything can be used.  It can range from your laptop or desktop to an Oculus VR headset.  It does not matter.  If you do not have an idea to pursue, you can do what someone else has done and follow those instructions.  Check out the following link for some ideas:

  2. Software: It is no secret that software is all the rage in today’s world.  Because of the impact software has today, and what it will have tomorrow, many jobs will be available in the field.  The medical field is no different.  You can prepare for this by learning a language and applying it.  The best part about software, it is cheap to make.  Many medical technologies require software for tracking, monitoring, and transmitting data.  This only the beginning.  A BME major can work develop a software for a medical device, app, or program that can have some type of impact in the medical area.


3. Reading material: Read research papers on various BME technologies, articles, and books on this subject.  Reading allows you to gain knowledge, skills, and most importantly: a glimpse into the future.  By reading research papers today on BME technologies, you can recognize trends.  If you see something come up over and over again, you can have a potential idea, which can turn into a personal project.

Remember, your personal projects are only limited by your imagination.  You have to believe in your abilities and project making skills more than anyone else in this world.  BME majors should not be afraid of failure or their project being deemed “stupid.”  The only risk in today’s world is not taking a risk.  Challenge yourself.  Go out into the world and start learning and doing.  I promise you will learn so much by doing personal projects.  If you want a book on how to find ideas, if you want to find ideas, google a book called Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson.