Tesla Autopilot Users Receive Insurance Discount

Crash rates have dropped by 40% since Autopilot was first installed. Data reflects a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report from January 2017. This data reflects six months of investigation after Tesla’s first autopilot fatality :/

I will also say the driver was not using the Autopilot properly, and Musk defended their technology.

What’re driverless car naysayers going to sell now? Insurance agencies use heavy data for decision making. Sure, you can want to drive your car because you are a car enthusiast. But I am already sick of people being “afraid of a a driverless car” when these people are clueless of existing big system automation. That 747, your mass transit vehicles, your credit card and $$$ in the bank relies on automated systems, etc.

NHTSA Jan report https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/inv/2016/INCLA-PE16007-7876.PDF

Insurance discount https://blog.joinroot.com/tesladiscount/

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