Behind The Scenes - 1% Engineer Show Production

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading the blog and following my story, along with the progression of The 1% Engineer Society :) It's been a fun few months, and as Episode 008 comes together, I wanted to show what the video workstation looks like, and just how many moving pieces it takes to make an episode.

Fortunately, I am not new to video production, so that part is in the bag. Before 1% Engineer, I had a drone business called Sky Capture which pivoted into a production company, Capture Productions. I've worked with something like 200 videos, and this show would never be possible without that experience. 

Despite producing so many videos in the past, very few actually had narratives or were interview based. They were generally promotion / marketing focused with great music and video shots - following a narrative is a little different. In the short history of this show, I have already evolved my workflow and production process very much. 

I used to freestyle, which isn't that hard for me, but leads to problems with camera eye contact while thinking, and fluidity. I think it was episode 004 where I made the first script, typed out the lines, and tried to insert more creative jokes and just let my personality ring. 

I've had a ton of fun with this so far, and want to shout out to another contributor to this project, Paul Tabinowski, who encouraged me to launch this blog besides the one I run on Medium He's also helped a ton with thoughts, ideas, and future things. 

Please email me with feedback, tips, ideas, and of course, if you'd like to be a member of the society :) We'd love to have you! We're now over 10 people from five countries. Yayyeee!!!

Cheers everyone, have a safe St. Patty's Day and stay hungry on YOUR QUEST, to become a 1% Engineer. Cheers!