When I return to the East Coast, I'll use my film making and production experience and apply it to engineering. The 1% Engineer Society is free because I don't need to generate revenue from students. Consulting for engineering firms has plenty of impact and therefore plenty of budget. 

The brand is called Darwineer - Evolving Engineering. Helping companies evolve, adapt, and stay relevant in a meaningful way. Lots of companies die all the time nowadays. The average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company to remain on that list (top 500 companies in America) is just 15 years, compared to 67 years in the 1950s. 

It's easier than ever for just one person to create a company and disrupt existing markets, and big firms need to watch out. Small firms, 10-50 people, should always be on the watch for opportunities to grab market share from these giants. There are my Darwineers - the smaller companies who are willing to experiment and innovate. 

This 1min video encapsultaes all the engineering related work I have done over the years. Cheers, thanks again for the support, and please subscribe!!!

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