Hundreds of Openings at SpaceX!!!

SpaceX just annouced nearly 500 new job openings across a variety of departments and locations. Without question, this surge is due to the amaze record breaking launch and successful landing of a reused Falcon 9 last week - the first ever occurance in history.

Most positions are in the LA headquarters, however some are at a launch facility in Texas, some in Washington DC, and various other US areas. 

The jobs run the gamut of experience, from highly skilled engineering positions that require advanced degrees in astronautics, mechanical engineering, or physics to experienced line cooks looking to feed the bodies that hold the brains of rocket scientists. According to Business Insider, “About half of the positions call for engineers, 33% for technicians, 5% for machinists, 5% for specialists, 5% for managers, and 1% for directors,” so there are a lot of ways to play a part in the future of space travel.

How would you like to work at SpaceX? Think you have the chops? Send us an email as we'd love to feature your story on The 1% Engineer Show or social media. Thanks!


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