Will Engineers Be Replaced By Robots/AI?

Great question right? I've been answering engineering career questions on Quora lately, and I just HAD to repost this one, and my thoughts regarding the conversation. Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

There is certainly no binary response to this. Some roles will definitely be replaced by AI, much like many employee positions today, probably more than half will. Any role that is running calculations, backchecks, equation sheets, formulas, data in general, cookie cutter spec design, etc - it’s over for you.

Field work like inspections, or oversight, anything where you may have to go utilize human judgement and there is no right / wrong quantified codeable answer - this is a grey area.

However, the one massive advantage humans have over robots, is that you cannot have a real human relationship with a robot. Therefore, the engineers who manage teams, who manage clients, accounts, etc - these people will become MORE valuable over time and will make even more $$$ than they do today. There is no way you can replace human relationship with a robotic AI relationship - not until it becomes nearly indistinguishable between who is a human and who is a bot. That day will come, but it’s far off.

It’s said in “How To Make Friends and Influence People” that an engineer’s financial success TODAY is 15% attributed to their technical knowledge, and 85% attracted to their ability to manage people - to be a leader, to communicate and empower others to work well as a unit. This skill is far more rare in STEM fields, and with the insertion of robotic AI, will only exaggerate the playing field for engineers who have strong interpersonal skills.

Where do you stand as an engineer? Will you rise to the occasion, or will your job be taken by a robot? 

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