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Founding Member #1 - Paul Tabinowski. Paul is a University of Delaware senior civil engineering student exemplifying 1% Engineer skills across the board. Leadership, communication, and career ambition has landed Paul an engineering position with Allan Myers prior to graduation this spring. Award winner, Engineer in Training, and team leader of his senior design group, Paul is a great model for The 1% Engineer Society.


Founding Member #2 - Sanford Lee. Sanford is a grade 11 high school student of Steveston-London Secondary School in Richmond, BC, with a bright future in engineering. With desires to go to University of Toronto for aerospace engineering, Sanford is well on his way. He choose drones as his topic for his 1 year project in grade 10, is starting an AP Physics club this year, and regularly coaches competitive esports matches. Sanford is a young future 1% Engineer, and I have been very lucky to mentor him. 

Founding Member #3 - Jadon Brooks. Jadon is an 18 year old maker from Middlesex, NJ. On the news for building a roller coaster in his backyard for his sister Eden, Jadon is exemplifying real world engineering passion and execution. The roller coaster reaches 10 feet in height, and has been a project of his for two years. Jadon wishes to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Keep up the good work!


Founding Member #4 - Kelvin Chen. Kelvin is a fourth year civil engineering student at the University of British Columbia, car enthusiast, and interned at Parsons Corporation when I was in Vancouver, BC. Kelvin was the director of the UBC Chinese Collegiate Society, been involved in UBC’S Concrete Canoe Team, and is a member of Young Professionals in Transportation organization.

Founding Member #5 - Wolvi Menezes. Wolvi is a 22 year old forth year engineering student at the University of British Columbia. He has co-oped at The City of Abbotsford. On the weekends, Wolvi out-dances people at clubs.


Founding Member #6 - Henry Malcolm Malone is a 18 year old YouTuber and track athlete from North Carolina. He's enrolled in UndecidedEngineering at UNC-Charlotte for the 2017 school year. 


Founding Member #7 - Christian Andersen is a 24 year old Robotics student from Aalborg University in Denmark. Christian is pursuing robotics in order to advance the technological frontier, and make a positive impression on the future of his industry.

Founding Member #8 - Alex Henderson is a 29 year old Senior Inspector with T&M Associates in Philadelphia. With a Civil Engineering degree from UD, Alex is passionate about the construction / infrastructure / field aspect of the industry. He holds several inspection certifications including: NICET 2, Concrete, and Asphalt, and soon aims to add Steel Coatings. Outside of engineering, Alex loves tinkering with his Camero. 

Founding Member #9 - Akther Rauf Meer. Akther is a 23 year old Electrical Engineer from IUST and lives in Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Found Member #10 - Anand "Andy" Rao, Ph.D. Andy is a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University. After obtaining his Ph.D. from Drexel in Neuroscience , Andy is now continuing his academic career in the Silicon Valley. He "aims to combat brain injury and disease by utilizing molecular therapeutic strategies capable of bolstering neurogenesis and enhancing neuroprotection."


Founding Member #11 - Eduardo Oliveira. Eduardo is a 19 year old Civil Engineering student enrolled in Estácio IESAM in Brazil. The Institute of Advanced Studies of the Amazon. 

Founding Member #12 - Laura Black, Ph.D. Laura is a civil engineer and University of Delaware alumna working in the Federal transportation industry.  With much of her time as an engineer being dedicated to professional capacity building, professional facilitation, communications, and outreach, she works to improve these skills in young and emerging engineers.

Founding Member #13 - Aaqib Javid Bhat. Aaqib is a 21 year old Electronics & Communications Engineer from IUST in India.

Founding Member #14 - Sneha Datta. Sneha is a 20 year old Civil & Software engineer from the College of Technology, G.B.P.U.A.&T. Pantnagar, in India. 

Founding Member #15 - Misha Grebenyuk. Misha is a 31 year old Software Engineer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Misha is a mentor and volunteer for young engineering students who compete in the APEGBC Math Challengers competition. Outside of engineering, Misha plays in a competitive soccer league, and enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Founding Member #16 - Taylor Valencia. Taylor is a 21 year old Civil Engineer from The University of Delaware.

Founding Member #17 - Cole Hayden. Cole is a 21 year old Civil Site Design major at The University of Delaware.

Founding Member #18 - Mathiew Estepho. Mat is a 29 year old Software Engineer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Mat has taken an awesome path after graduating with a MS in mining engineering, and pioneering a new technique in the gas & oil sector. Mat runs 'Math Easy Solutions', a YouTube channel with nearly 1000 math tutorial videos, and a family of online  calculators including BMI, Grade, Percentage, GPA, Mortgage, Inflation, etc. His Facebook pages collectively have over 500k followers. Nice work Mat!

Founding Member #19 - Ruth Agbaji. Ruth is CEO & Founder of The Grad Spark, a platform focusing on helping Black millennials in grad school develop a network and roadmap for a career in STEM or academia. She has a background in Software Engineering and has worked for Microsoft, Kronos, & Cablevision. Keep up the good work for young engineers Ruth!!!

Founding Member #20 - Yasmine Rind. Yasmine is a 23 year old Civil Engineer from Karachi, Pakistan.

Founding Member #21 - Ryan McHargue. Ryan is a 15 year engineering entrepreneur from Raleigh, North Carolina. He runs two 3D printing brands, Every-Detail, and GenZhub. Ryan aspires to pursue either Electrical or Software Engineering.

Founding Member #22 - Pulatjon Fayziev. Pulatjon is a 22 year old Software Engineering student at Chonnam National University in Korea. 

Founding Member #23 - Sally French. Sally is the 24 year old founder of The Drone Girl, Drone Girl an outlet to publish aerial photos, videos and stories about the evolution of drones. Rock on Sally! You're a great inspiration for women in STEM!


Founding Member #24 - Andrea Zega. Andrea is a 20 year old Electronics Engineer from Politecnico Di Torino in Turin, Italy. 

Founding Member #25 - Iron Ring Girls founder - Iron Ring Girls is a community and Instagram platform to show the lifestyle of girls in engineering and their goals. 

Founding Member #26 - Humans of Global Engineering (HOGE). HOGE is a Promoting Global Engineering & Entrepreneurship through Storytelling. A National Engineering Month Campaign, created and run by Engineers Without Borders Canada's Evolving Engineering distributed team.

Founding Member #27 - William Cosentino. William runs an Information Technology Q&A Show you YouTube and provides value by supporting IT professionals. He also aims to demonstrate how others can become IT entrepreneurs, and pursue a lifestyle with freedom. 


Founding Member #28 - Michele Heyward. Michele is a civil engineer with extensive professional experience, for example a thorough career with URS. She has now established a consultancy to help professional engineers become freelancers and entrepreneurs themselves. A great movement :) See her website here


Founding Member #29 - Shubham Ganesh Mishra. Shubham is a 23 year old Civil Engineer from Pakistan. 


Founding Member #30 - Vraj Panchal. Vicky is a 20 year old Civil Engineer from the L.J. Institute of Engineering & Technology in India. Instagram @vraj_9198

Founding Member #31 - Sajjad Ali - Saijad is a 23 year old Civil Engineer from Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology in Pakistan.


Founding Member #32 - John D. Lupu - John is a 19 year old Electrical Engineer from UC-Santa Cruz. 

Founding Member #33 - Samuel Rowbotham. Sam is a 18 year old Mechanical Engineer from the University of Bristop in England. 

Founding Member #34 - Dallas Pearson. Dallas is a 22 year old Civil Engineer from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. 


Founding Member #35 - Ben Reydel. Ben is a 20 year old Mechnical Engineer from Stevens Institute of Technology.


Founding Member #36 - Wallis Pom. Wallis is a 19 year old Computer Engineer from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada


Founding Member #37 - Josh Morabito, P.E. Josh is a 29 year old Structural Engineer from Morabito Consultants with offices in Maryland and Florida. Morabito Consultants is recognized as a leader in their industry. They are the proud recipient of two national design awards for the Dolphin Towers Condominium Project in Sarasota, Florida — the NCSEA 2015 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award for Outstanding Remediation Project, as well as the ICRI Award of Excellence.

Founding Member #38 - Alexandre Ferreira dos Santos Júnior is 19 year old Civil Engineer from Estácio IESAM in Brazil. The Institute of Advanced Studies of the Amazon.  


Founding Member #39 - Christian Ibarra. Christian is a 14 year old future superstar from Texas who already know's he has an aerospace engineering career ahead of him!


Founding Member #40 - Michaela Barnett - Michaela  is a 21 year old Computer Science major from Delaware State University. She has had recent media attention for being a young leader in S.T.E.M. Her passion is Cybersecurity, and she runs a blog on the topic under "Computer Science Barbie", where she writes about her various projects.


Founding Member #41 - Gregory G. Baseman, P.E., M.ASCE. Greg is 30 year old civil engineer working for USA Engineering and is a graduate of University of Delaware. 

Founding Member 42 - Jesse Plancarte - Jesse is a 22 year old Civil Engineer from East LA Community College.

Founding Member 43 - James Fairley. James is a 25 year old Civil Engineer from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.


Founding Member 44 - Nick Durham. Nick is a 23 year old Civil Engineer working for New York Concrete Corp and is  graduate of Columbia University - our first Ivy League graduate!! 

Founding Member #45 - Raymond Zhang. Raymond is a 22 year old Industrial Engineer from University of Minnesota.


Founding Member #46 - Ahmad Shoaib. Ahmad is a 22 year old Civil Engineer from Aria Unversity in Afghanistan.


Founding Member #47 - Andy Ye. Andy is an 18 year old Mechanical Engineer from University of Texas at Austin. 

Founding Member #48 - Daniel Barker. Daniel is a 19 year old Mechanical Engineer from University of Brighton in England.


Founding Member #49 - Ariana Kalavana. Ariana is a 16 year old future aerospace engineer who is documenting her story and road to becoming an astronaut. She is also a private pilot's license student. At the time of this entry (May 4, 2017) she has a following of 16,000 on instagram. Check her out for sure!

Founding Member #50 - Hamza Waheed. Hamza is a 18 year old Biomedical Engineering student starting at Wake Tech College in summer of 2017. 

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